why we poured years of passionate scientific research into a stop snoring device

why we poured years of passionate scientific research into a stop snoring device

finding the solution

Our Mission

As the makers of Good Morning Snore Solution, MPowrx has followed one unifying principal since its inception in 2005: Wellness Through Science. These simple words are reinforced by four ideas that inform everything we do. • People First: solving human problems for better living. • Informed Intelligence: science always leads the way. • Perfect Simplicity: only what’s effective, nothing more. • Health Above All: enriching lives for the very best reasons. We are fully committed to helping people all around the world, and welcome any questions you may have about our products, or how to find them in your area.

The Scientist

Born into an entrepreneurial family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dr. Nancy Markley developed a lifelong interest in healthcare innovation. With a PhD in molecular biology, and a successful professional history of developing and commercializing medical technologies, her career began to point toward something brand new: a healthcare venture of her own, bringing scientifically sound products to market. Using sleep health as its first inspiration, MPowrx officially began in 2005.

The Inventor

Respected Calgary dentist and sleep researcher Dr. Leslie Dort (MSc, DDS, Dip ABDSM) is the original developer of the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece. Dr. Dort graduated with a DDS from the University of Western Ontario in 1980, was accredited by the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine in 2000, completed a Masters degree in Health Research in 2004, and has a faculty appointment with the University of Calgary.

For over 15 years, her clinical practice and research have focused on the diagnosis of sleep disorders and oral appliance therapy for sleep-disordered breathing. As part of her clinical practice and research at The University of Calgary, Dr. Dort saw potential for an alternative to the complex, uncomfortable and often expensive snoring solutions on the market. Looking at the mechanics of snoring holistically, she discovered an ingeniously simple but effective anti-snoring strategy — and the central idea of the Good Morning Snore Solution.
The Inventor

Other Publications by The Inventor

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The Solution

It’s a simple problem: moving air through tight spaces creates noise. After countless other products had focused on complexity, snoring finally had a simple solution. Dr. Dort’s original mouthpiece prototypes were put through clinical safety and performance trials, fully confirming the strength of the design. Recognizing its potential, Dr. Markley saw how the device could help millions of people struggling with snoring worldwide — and the Good Morning Snore Solution was born.
The Solution

The Company

Good Morning Snore Solution is the first product produced by MPowrx — a health and wellness company Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. MPowrx currently manufactures from the United States, and distributes from centers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. MPowrx products only use approved materials in accordance with strict Good Manufacturing Practices. MPowrx received regulatory clearance to manufacture, sell and distribute in Canada in 2008, followed by the FDA, EU CE Mark and Australian ARTG regulatory clearance in 2010. Original technology was licensed from the University of Calgary and Dr. Leslie Dort in 2008. Good Morning Snore Solution comes with a 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. MPowrx is here to do good in the world, and we truly appreciate your support.